To anyone looking for a a great realtor in downtown SD…do yourself a favor and interview Denny Oh. I worked with Denny during the recent purchase of a DT condo. After speaking on the phone, he arranged for a visit to 6 places that fit my needs. A couple of them were”just right”. I made an offer (at Denny’s suggested price….and one I considered favorable to me). Within a day or so, my offer was accepted. During this part of the process, Denny displayed a great awareness of the local and current market. He also knew the sellers agent, and some others that we encountered along the way…. and in fact he knew of the history of offers on my particular unit…That detailed knowledge proved helpful in creating my offer.

Through the escrow period, Denny was fast and effective in dealing with minor issues that popped up re: the condo/warranty issues/seller quirks , etc. He returns calls and emails quickly too.

As I labored through the tedious financing stuff, Denny was again a valuable resource, often providing information to my lender, and keeping them “on track” if things started to drag…saving me the hassle of doing same. He did the same “prodding” with the escrow firm as they did their job (at their own pace.) A couple of issues came up with the escrow firm, and believe me, it’s good to have a realtor who’s as detail oriented as Denny.

I heartily recommend Denny Oh to anyone looking for representation in SD…

…. Incidentally, Denny never asked that I write a post-deal missive. This is an UNSOLICITED testimonial to a true professional.

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