Best Condo Deal in Downtown San Diego Right Now

Posted on November 15, 2019 | by Denny Oh

If you’ve ever followed my blog, you know that I try and provide useful and insightful information…why this unit is better than that unit, why you want to stay away from this building, etc. You’ll also know that I have not been blogging much…at all. Sorry.

Nevertheless, here’s the best real estate deal in downtown San Diego that I’ve seen in quite some time. This is not my listing and I have no bias, other than I think it’s a good deal. With that said, since it’s not my listing, I can’t disclose the exact unit number, but I’ll provide a link below for you to review.

The condo is at The Grande South (1199 Pacific Hwy), which was built by Bosa Development in 2004. This property is on the 11th floor and has city views to the East, open space (for now – Bosa owns the lot to the south, but Pacific Gate is already there, one block further) to the South and bay views to the West.

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16005 Tukwut Court

Posted on May 29, 2019 | by Denny Oh

If you’re like me and often find yourself needing to just sit down, put the phone away (jk…I never do that) and relax, I may have the perfect place for you. Located just 45 minutes away from Downtown San Diego is the Pauma Valley Country Club.  This private country club “is one of America’s most exclusive hideaways that is dedicated to preserving the charm of Old California and the great game of golf” and happens to be where John Wayne lived for years. With an airport right next to the club, you’re never far away from a vacation.

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San Diego’s Top Realtor

Posted on April 11, 2019 | by Denny Oh

Real estate is a very interesting and dynamic industry – one minute you’re negotiating an offer, the next you’re comforting a client who’s in tears and then you’re picking out flooring samples for a new listing….you’re always busy. And at times, I question why I subject myself to the crazy hours, the never ending “to do” lists and constantly having to deal with agents who have no clue what they’re doing. And every time I get a second to relax and compose myself, I come up with the same few reasons…

#1 – I enjoy what I do. Even if I hate it at times and I want to quit being a realtor at least once a week, I can’t stop coming back for more. I enjoy overcoming the challenges and “wining” for my clients. I love negotiating and strategizing how to get the best result for my clients.

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Quintessential Craftsman Home- Mission Hills

Posted on January 10, 2019 | by Denny Oh

Originally developed in the early 20th Century, Mission Hills has become a highly coveted neighborhood for families and people who love the boutique shops and restaurants, classic architecture and central location. 1015 Hunter Street is the quintessential Craftsman home in North Mission Hills.  This charming home has hardwood floors, a large kitchen, open living/dining room with box-beam ceiling, a wood burning fireplace, upgraded bathrooms, private backyard and a detached loft (perfect for a studio/office/guest house) above the carriage house.  Located on a quiet street, you’re walking distance to places like The Patio, Brooklyn Girl,

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203% Price Increase!

Posted on January 4, 2019 | by Denny Oh

San Diego housing prices have been on the rise for about 9 years.  According to InfoSparks, the SD County median sale price in Dec of 2018 was $559,000, versus a low of $275,000 in January of 2009 – that’s a 203% increase in just 9 years.  The real estate market is steadily increased since the crash, but we may be seeing a slow down.

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Not on the MLS – 3 Bedroom for Sale

Posted on February 26, 2018 | by Denny Oh

I have a listing at Aria in Cortez Hill that’s not currently on the MLS.  The address is 1441 9th Ave #605 and it’s a 3BR/2BA with nearly 1,400 sqft (1,391 to be exact).  Here’s are a few things I like about this condo…

  • It’s a true 3 bedroom – not a 2BR+Den
  • Sleek, modern building (Aria was built by Anka Property Group – an Australian Developer) 
  • Great view for a 6th floor condo
  • Open layout with bedrooms away from the living area
  • Oversized balcony
  • Dual dishwasher
  • Walk-in pantry

  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_4_27282_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_1_27288_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_5_27285_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_7_27289_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_6_27286_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_8_27287_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_9_27284_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_3_27309_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_2_27308_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_29_27303_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_30_27304_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_31_27305_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_32_27306_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_33_27307_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_26_27300_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_27_27301_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_28_27302_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_20_27294_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_21_27295_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_22_27296_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_23_27297_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_24_27298_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_25_27299_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_11_27283_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_12_27277_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_13_27278_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_14_27279_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_15_27280_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_16_27281_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_17_27291_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_18_27292_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_19_27293_mls
  • ninth_ave_#605_1441_10_27290_mls

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Posted on February 20, 2018 | by Denny Oh

Three weeks ago, I listed Harbor Club residence #706 (100 Harbor Drive #706) with a colleague, Ann LeBaron.  It had previously been listed two times last year for a total of 99 days and never sold.  Four days after being listed with us, we had multiple offers and ended accepting an all cash offer with a 17 day escrow.  The buyer was from Turkey and looking for an investment.  

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What If I Could Save You $300,000?

Posted on February 19, 2018 | by Denny Oh

Often times when I talk to a potential buyer about what kind of offer they want to make on a home, their first question is, “What’s the list price again?”  Now that might make a lot of sense, as you would want to know what something costs before you attempt to buy it. However, what people should really be asking is, “What’s it worth?”  Buyers are too often focused on what the list price is and not what the comparable sales (comps) suggest the home is worth.  I get it – everyone wants a deal and no one wants to pay what the seller is asking for.

Well, if you’re one of these people, I have a great deal for you.  There’s a property that was recently listed for sale and I think it may be THE BEST DEAL in downtown San Diego I’ve seen in a a few years.  If you know me, or if you’ve followed my blog over the years, you know that I rarely talk about a great deal…it’s not because I’m keeping them a secret, or I don’t study the market, it’s because it takes a lot for me to think something is a great deal.  Ok – if you’ve read this far and you’re in a position to buy, stop now and call me.  Denny Oh – 858-243-2092.  Read More

Pinnacle 401

Posted on | by Denny Oh

I just listed residence 401 at the Pinnacle Marina Tower, with my colleague Ann LeBaron.  This is the south east corner and is a large 2BR/2.5BA condo.  These south facing corner units have always been in high demand at Pinnacle and you do have a water view from this 4th floor (keep in mind the 10′ ceilings add a bit height to each floor) – in fact, it’s MUCH nicer than I thought it would have.  At 1,509 sqft and with the tall ceilings, this property is a large condo.  The living and dining space are wide open and is great for entertaining. And although there’s no den, the condo lives like a 2BR+Den because it’s so large.

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Museum of Contemporary Art – 2018 Auction

Posted on February 13, 2018 | by Denny Oh

Anyone looking to buy some art?  The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) is having their biennial auction on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018.  Tickets just went on sale and are available at the link here.  Also if you’re not already aware, the MCASD hosts their Downtown at Sundown (formerly known as Thursday Night Thing – TNT) every 3rd Thursday of the month from 5-8pm.  This event is free and they have DJs and drinks available to purchase.

More information at [email protected]; 858 454 3541 x162, or click here

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