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Posted on May 24, 2017 | by Denny Oh

With so much proposed development in Little Italy and the Columbia Districts, it’s no surprise that the new Savina high-rise is getting a lot of attention.  After all, it’s the newest building in Downtown San Diego, it’s affordable and it’s in a great location (corner or Kettner Blvd and Ash St).  As a downtown real estate expert, I’m always talking to people about how the market is doing, what’s being built, where’s the market going and everything else you can think of.  In short, I think Downtown San Diego is the best place you can invest in San Diego and Savina is one of the best options.  I understand that many of you may not know me and this may sound very “salesy,” but I can promise you that I would never push anyone into a sale that I thought was wrong.

Savina is being built by Bosa Development and is expected to be completed around late 2018 or early 2019.  Sales begin in June and registration is due by May 31st by 5pm to be in the first round of reservations (read here to see the full details).  I’ve been reviewing lots of floorpans and talking to lots of clients who are curious about Savina – which unit should they buy, which ones have the best views, etc.  And while I can’t predict the future, here are my thoughts:

  1. Uniqueness – I think you always want to buy a property that is unique in some way.  Wether it has a large balcony, a huge closet, extra parking spaces, extra high ceilings, or something that makes it stand out from the other homes in your price point.  Something should (ideally), be unique about your home.  At Savina there are several condos that have large to HUGE  decks/balconies.  I think that for the most part, these will be great investments and will sell very quickly.  Here are the best balcony units in my opinion: 2501 NW, 2502 N, 2805 SE, 3102 NE, 3103 E, 3105 SE, 3301 NW, 3304 SE, 3305 SW.  Of these, 2501 is probably the largest deck and since it has a protected NW view, I think it’s one of the best condos in the building. Here’s the floorplan and anticipated view.
  2. Floorplan – often times you walk into a home and scratch your head, wondering why “they” put the junction box there, or why the door opens inwards instead of outward, or why the bathroom is so far away from the bedroom…usually the answer is cost and/or poor planning.  Actually, I have no idea why they do those things since I’ve never been a developer.  Either way, I’m sure you’ve seen something that didn’t make sense and you wished that they would have done it differently.  I haven’t looked at all the floorpans at Savina (there are nearly 100 different layouts – granted many are very similar with only minor changes), but here are my favorite units…in no particular order:
    1. 905-2405 and 2504-2704 – at 1,170 sqft, this 2br/2ba condo is one of the smaller floorplans at Savina, but I think it’s well laid out.  Unlike the comparably size 03 and ’07 units (on similar floors), the ’05 floor plan has a dedicated dining room that’s separate from the living room (think of the 1325 and 1336 soft condos at The Grande).  The other smaller floorplans do have a “dining room,” but it’s more of a dining space that’s between the kitchen and living room (this is very similar to the model in the Savina sales gallery).  The ’05 also has split bedrooms that do not share a wall. I also like that the living room wall/window layout makes it easy to figure out where you furniture and TV fits.
    2. 2501 – as I mentioned earlier, this condo has a huge balcony and has great views.  In addition to that, I like that both bedrooms have large walk-in closets and there’s a lot of glass in the living room.  You should get some panoramic views and I think you’ll get a great view from the kitchen as well.  Also, I like that the bedrooms are on one side of the condo and the living/entertaining space is on the other side.  And at 1,171 sqft, this is very large space – most of which appears to be in the living room (most condos this size are a 2br + den).
    3. 2805-3005 and 3104-3204 – these units have the same (or very similar) layouts, but 2805 has a very large deck and the others have a “regular” sized balcony.  There are several things that I like about this layout.  For starters, it is the only layout (I believe) that has a pantry in the kitchen.  For those of you who have lived in a San Diego highrise, you’ve probably complained one time or another that there’s not enough kitchen space. I also like the den layout.  At first I thought it was odd to be next to the kitchen and living room, but for many people, they don’t need a completely private space.  And having the partial wall there should make it very easy to hang a TV, put up shelving, There’s also linen closets in the master bathroom and in the hallway – something that’s not common in most condos.  PS – if you’re concerned that the master bedroom closet is too small, I think it should be plenty large.  From what I measured on the blueprints, one side is about 4’x4′ and the there is about 4’x5′.
    4.  3103 and 3203 – the first thing that I like about this floor plan is that once you open the door, you immediately see the view.  Many condos don’t have that “wow factor” when you first walk in because you’re facing a hallway, a bathroom or whatever.  In Savina 3103 and 3203, that’s the first thin you see – the view.  Once you walk in a bit further, you get to see the large living room, den and dining area that surrounds the open kitchen (granted it appears to be a smaller kitchen than some other condos).  In 3103, you have an extra large patio that spans the width of the living space and guest bedroom.  Another great thing about this floorplan is that you have the two bedrooms on opposite ends of the condo and both come with walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms (and a separate powder room near the entrance). 
    5. 3105 and 3205 – at 2,423 sqft, this is the largest floorplan in Savina.  My favorite part about these condos is that you have a ton of space in the living area.  You’re surrounded by glass to the south and you have a designated dining area and an additional den.  And with the oversized balcony in 3105, this would be ideal for people who love to entertain.  Both bedrooms have walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms and the master bedroom has a secondary balcony.  
    6. 3305 – the main reason I like this floorplan at Savina is that it has two massive decks that practically span the entire width and length of the condo.  The larger one faces west and is accessible from the master bedroom and the living room.  The other large deck is off the living/dining room/den.  At 1,589 sqft, this seems like a well sized 2br/2ba with little wasted space.  The master bedroom looks like it has a large walk-in closet and you should have great views from every room in the condo.

Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions and I obviously haven’t seen the final product, so it’s hard to know exactly what any of the Savina condos will look like.  If you have any questions about Savina, or any San Diego real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Denny Oh 858-243-2092 [email protected].  

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