Thanks Andrew!

Posted on October 7, 2015 | by Denny Oh

I recently helped a friend/client buy his first condo and he was kind enough to write this amazing review.  I work hard for my clients and I love it when they are happy with their purchase.  Thank you Andrew for your kind words and for serving our country!

Simply stated Denny is the best real estate agent in San Diego. I was shopping for a condo for years and had met with several real estate agents. Most of the time I had questions and for one reason or another I always got round about answers. They also would just try to get me to buy any condo as fast as possible, continually making me feel uncomfortable. Insert Denny. He literally answered everything I had to ask and broke every step down for me. I shopped for over a year with Denny and he never pushed me out of my comfort zone and was always available at a moments notice. Finally, we found a great unit downtown and got a fantastic price. Through closing Denny was super clear, helpful, and professional. He needs to be your next real state agent!

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