68.6% Return

Posted on September 2, 2015 | by Denny Oh

Years ago, I begged clients to buy a condo that was going into foreclosure.  Starting in February of 2008, I wrote about a short sale that was at the time, a great deal.  Looking back, I understand that the entire market/economy was at a standstill and it would have been ridiculous for anyone to be excited about buying real estate.  I wrote a total of nine blog posts that begging clients to buy this condo.  Then in September of 2010, someone bought this condo, only it wasn’t my client.

Today, this condo is back on the market for $440,000 more than it sold just 5 years ago.  If the seller gets this price, he’ll have made a 68.6% return over 5 years.  It kills me to see someone other than my client profiting off of this amazing deal.  That’s all….

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