When Will Bosa Start Building?

Posted on August 19, 2014 | by Denny Oh

Everyone’s been asking me, “When is Bosa Development going to start building their new building?” and the answer is, no one really knows for sure (perhaps even Nat Bosa himself).  However, based on a few things I’ve heard and seen, it sounds like things should start up around the end of the year.  Bosa is finishing up sales for Arden in San Francisco and is still building Insignia in Seattle.  The only San Diego project that is fully approved, is the Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 – Kettner and Ash is only partially approved.  So…my guess is that in six months or so, Mr. Bosa will need another project to work and on San Diego is more than ready for it.

The last condo highrise that was completed in downtown San Diego was Bayside at the Embarcadero in 2009.  Assuming Bosa breaks ground in the next six months or so, that means it won’t be finished until around the summer of 2017 and it will have been eight years since downtown San Diego has had a new condo highrise.  EIGHT YEARS!

I think downtown San Diego is just about to take off and really become an amazing city.  We’re seeing a lot of new construction – apartments way out in east Village that will help clean up everything east of the Park Blvd, tons of new bars/restaurants that are filling vacant spaces, new hotels, parks and other public infrastructure and even some new commercial space.  The airport is expanding, the convention center is going to grow and the waterfront is getting rebuilt.  And there’s always talk of that new Charger’s stadium!

  • Convention Center/Chargers Stadium
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9
  • CAC Park
  • Convention Center Expansion
  • New Sempra Energy Building
  • Possible New Charger Stadium

But I digress.  Back to Bosa – I’m pretty sure they’ll break ground somewhere around the end of the year.  The Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 (the name still hasn’t been chosen) will probably start reservations a year later and delivery will be about 30 months after they break ground.  Sales will open up to those who have purchased directly form Bosa first, then to the general public. I should be able to get some of my clients an early reservation option, so please let me know if you’re interested.  There will be a lot of demand and it should be an amazing building.

If you have any questions about this condo highrise or any other real estate in San Diego, please contact Denny Oh at 858-243-2092 or [email protected]



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