Hard Rock #418

Posted on July 9, 2014 | by Denny Oh

I recently listed a condo at the Hard Rock Hotel.  The HRH is a condo-hotel, meaning each room is owned by an individual and the owner can choose to rent it out (themselves, with an approved management company, or through the hotel’s company), or just use it themselves.  Renting out the room(s) allows owners to get some income from the property, but they can also use it themselves whenever they want – unlike a traditional rental property that requires a long term lease.

Over the years, the Hard Rock Hotel condo prices have risen quite a bit, but they’re still about half of what they were originally purchased for in 2008.   I think these are great investments because of the Hard Rock name/reputation, the incredible location, the potential income and because of the flexibility owners have with using it.

Owners at the Hard Rock Hotel, referred to as Rock Royalty, also get to use the private Green Room.  The Green Room is a private lounge for owners and their guests.  Visitors can come grab FREE drinks and hang out, even if they’re not staying at the hotel.  It’s a great place to meet friends and clients for a few drinks, or in informal meeting.

Click here to see all the condos for sale at the Hard Rock Hotel.  For more information about the Hard Rock Hotel, or any other real estate in San Diego, please contact Denny Oh at 858-243-2092 or [email protected]  

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