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Posted on April 7, 2014 | by Denny Oh

I’m constantly looking at ways to grow my business and serve my clients better.  I’ve been a full time realtor for the last 10 years and plan on doing this  for another 20-30 years, so I understand how important marketing is – and not just marketing to get more clients….I mean doing things that will actually help sell your property!

Well, I’m excited to show you my newest marketing tool….

Unlike most other agents, my virtual tour is actually a tour – not a slideshow with some cheesy music.  Everyone knows that the overwhelming majority of buyers start their home search online and sometimes pictures just aren’t enough.  Sometimes you can’t figure out if the bedrooms share a wall, or if the view is legitimate, or if it’s only visible when you hang out the balcony and look back the other way.

My virtual tours allow potential buyers to “walk” through your home without evening leaving their computers.  Think about the home buying process….

  • filter through a few hundred homes and thousands of pictures
  • once you have your short list, you scour through the photos to try and figure out if this floor plan would work for you
    • send the listings to your significant other to see if they can figure out where the guest bathroom is in relation to the guest bedroom, or if the kitchen opens up to the living room, or if the bedrooms share a wall, etc
  • once you narrow down the list even further, you have to call a realtor, schedule a showing and then waste  bunch of time looking at places that don’t look like the pictures you spent so much time staring at

Being able to walk through the property (without the annoying music) and look around in a complete sphere will eliminate a lot of wasted time, for a lot of people.  To my knowledge, no other realtor is offering this service to their clients and I’m incredibly excited to finally make this happen.

If you’re thinking about selling your home and think a tour like this would help you sell the home, please contact me and let me help you market your home and get it sold.   FYI – the home featured in this tour is for sale – just click here to see Horizons 704.

Denny Oh 858-243-2092 [email protected]


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