San Diego – Cougars, Craft Beer Hipsters, The 1% and Hot Douches…

Posted on January 17, 2013 | by Denny Oh

If Carmen Sandiego could live in San Diego, what part of San Diego would Carmen Sandiego live in?  Well for now, she’s only going to live in Sandiegoh.  However, if I asked you the same question, what would you say?  Del Mar?  Downtown?  North Park?  Well, don’t answer quite yet.  Recently a local graphic designer, Raanan Jonboi Rosenfeld, drew his own map of San Diego and offered his “slightly offensive, but pretty fair” map of the County and how he sees it.

According to Rosenfeld, I am either a “hot douche,” or a “douchey hipster.”  I’m pretty sure I’m neither, but I suppose I’ve been called worse.  I decided to share the map, not necessarily because I agree with it, but more so to simply share it.  Part of the reason why I’ve decided to make San Diego my home, is because it’s not too big of a city.  Having grown up in LA, I love that I can drive from downtown to Encinitas in 30 minutes, or in 45 minutes if there’s “heavy” traffic.  No, we’re not the most diverse city out there and we often get criticized for lacking “culture,” but it’s still a great city.

Yes, we pay a pretty hefty “sunshine tax,” but we also rarely see weather in the 50’s and the beach, desert and mountains are all within about an hour’s drive.  To me, San Diego is probably the best overall US city to live in and we’re continuing to see things improve.  Downtown has done a 180 in about 10 years and is continuing to grow.  We’re getting new parks, new buildings, quieter railroads and lots more.  Downtown San Diego is maturing, albeit slowly, into an even greater city.  Places like the Columbia District and East Village are quickly becoming some of the most desirable parts of downtown, with prices in buildings like The Mark and The Legend beginning to  rival those of the Marina and Columbia Districts.  I can’t wait to see what San Diego looks like in 5-10 years, not to mention where real estate prices will be…

p.s. According to Rosenfled, his map is a “horribly racist, but affectionate map of San Diego” and “it was made with love for this city and its people, and [he] took great pains to be even-handed with my prejudices.”

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