The New CAC Park

Posted on November 26, 2012 | by Denny Oh

An idea that began over 80 years ago, is finally underway. The San Diego county’s waterfront park is now moving forward. Plans for the park were originally prepared when the County admin building was built in the 30’s, but lack of funding and other issues had put things on hold…until now. Located between Pacific Hwy/Harbor Drive and Beech/Date Streets, a total of 8 acres of park space will be built. The County Administration Center Waterfront Park will take over the existing parking lots on the south and north side of the County Administration Center (CAC).

According to Supervisor Ron Roberts, the City will eventually build a parking structure a few blocks over on Kettner and Cedar and they will also demolish a health building just north of the CAC, which will reduce the amount of parking needed.  Construction has already begun on the south side of the CAC and the existing parking lot is currently not in use.  The park will have several different features, including a shallow water feature with multiple fountains that will span the length of the park.  On the east side of the park, there will be several “garden rooms” that can used as “venues for organized activities such as weddings, holiday celebrations  music events, performance  botanical tours, and various activities.”  The western side of the park will have a more traditional park space, which will be a wide open grassy space.

The addition of the CAC park is part of the  2006 Downtown Community Plan, which will eventually add 125 acres of park space to downtown San Diego.  The ultimate hope is to establish seven primary parks, with multiple smaller parks throughout downtown.  When it’s all said and done, downtown guests and residents will be able to walk to a park within 5-10 minutes from any point.  This is yet another reason why I think downtown San Diego is one of the most under valued cities in America.

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