Lane Field – “A Much Better Cereal Box”

Posted on October 11, 2012 | by Denny Oh

Tuesday, the San Diego Unified Port District approved the first phase of Lane Field’s hotel project.  The revised proposal wasn’t a drastic change from what was proposed in July, but according to Lee Burdick, the Port commissioner, it’s “a much better cereal box” than what was previously submitted to them.  I’m not sure that’s saying a lot, but I would have to agree, it does look better…I’m just not sure how much better.  Take a look at the two proposals…

Proposed in July 2012

Proposed October 2012

Next, the first phase goes in front of the California Coastal Commission for approval, which will take place sometime in the next several months.  The good news is that that it sounds like the first phase will only be 200 feet high, even though it’s approved up to 300 feet.  The article from the Union Tribune also said that these two hotels will be similar in quality to a “Hilton Garden Inn” and the second phase (which will be further south) will be a “more luxurious hotel of Inter-Continental quality, containing 400 rooms.”

I found some images of what can/may/might happen to Lane Field.  Please keep in mind that this is not the final, approved plans and things may change.

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