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Posted on August 13, 2012 | by Denny Oh

The twin tower Renaissance condos in downtown San Diego were built by Carrier Johnson in 2003.  This 240 unit community has condos ranging from 1-4 bedrooms and about 770 sqft, up to about 4500 sqft.  Prices at Renaissance range from about $400K-3M (as of August 2012) and the HOA dues range from about $700-1400/mo.  The two towers both share the 645 Front Street address and are identical in appearance and layout.  The common area is on the 2nd floor, which includes a heated pool, hot tub, community room and fitness center.  The Renaissance condos also have public BBQs and easily the most convenient location when it comes to shopping and groceries.

I think one of the best features about the condos at Renaissance, are the floor plans.  Unlike many of the downtown San Diego condo highrises, the majority of the condos at Renaissance have a half bath, or powder room.  They also have very large walkin closets and large bedrooms.  The D1 and D2 floor plans have a great layout, especially for roommates, or people who want evenly sized rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

One of my favorite condos I’ve ever seen is #1901 at the Renaissance (which is back on the market right now).  This condo sit on the south east corner of the north tower and while it doesn’t have incredible views, the condo itself is pretty incredible.  The attention to detail and design are incredible…worth taking a look at if you’re even remotely interested (Another great unit is #3603 in The Grande South).

Another great feature that’s unique to the Renaissance condos are the large, sliding windows.  It might not sounds like much, but in some of the homes, there are massive window panes that slide open like collapsible patio doors, which opens up the unit to the beautiful San Diego skyline.  Most buildings only have small window openings which you can barely stick your hand out of.  With that said, a downside is that not all units have balconies.  Condo sales at the Renaissance are also subject to a mandatory 1% CCDC transfer fee.  This is often times paid for by the buyer, but like everything else in real estate, it can be negotiated to be paid for by the seller (or split).

Many of the condos at the Renaissance, especially the larger units, have been extensively remolded.  This is common for older buildings like the Meridian and Harbor Club, but not as common for those built in the last 10 years or so.  With about a dozen units around the 4,000 sqft range, some owners have completely renovated their homes, while others have kept things simple and more neutral.  In either case, Renaissance is a great option for people who are looking for convenience, space, views and quality.

Most floors have six condos per floor (units go from ’01-07 but don’t have an ’02 in the north tower and go from ’08-’14 in the north, skipping ’13), with the 20th floor having only four two-story units per floor and the 22nd floors having two, two-story half floor penthouses.  These top floor penthouses take up either the northern or southern half the building and have about 2500 sqft of outdoor patio space (each).

Another great thing about the Renaissance is that they’ve gone through their litigation already and have completed the major repairs.  If you’re unfamiliar with highrises and litigation, basically every building in California will go through some sort of construction defect litigation at some point or another.  Developers have a 10 year statutory period where they’re liable for construction defects and HOAs are acutely aware of this.  Most, if not all downtown San Diego highrises have already, or will go through this.  In some cases it’s a big deal, in others it’s not.  Either way, the Renaissance is done with theirs so you don’t have to worry!

For more information about the Renaissance condos in downtown San Diego, or any other San Diego real estate, please contact Denny Oh at 858-243-2092 or [email protected].  Thanks.

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