“San Diego’s Sydney Opera House”

Posted on July 31, 2012 | by Denny Oh

**Update – Please click here to read the latest news about Parcel 9.

It’s been a while since downtown San Diego has seen any new condos being built.  The cranes you see now are mostly for apartments, the almost finished Federal building and the almost finished public library.  Aside from that, there’s not much going on.  Since real estate prices took a nose dive, no one has had the courage (or maybe stupidity) to build anything new.  Until now that is…

  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 a
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 b
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 c
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 d
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 e
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 f
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 g
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 h
  • Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 i

Bosa Development will be breaking ground on their next project in San Diego pretty soon (1-2 years), on what Nat Bosa has referred to as “San Diego’s Sydney Opera House.”  Currently referred to as Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9, the 41 story, 232 unit high rise will feature condos from  “954 to 2,503 square feet with most in the 1,300- to 1,750-square-foot range,” according to the Union Tribune (the Kettner and Ash project Bosa will also be building will have 35 stories with 285 condos).  

This new project will look pretty different, with a “unique curved glass tower [that] soars up from ground towards the sky to form a distinctive skyline with an angled roof line” (from Bosa’s project description that was submitted to CCDC).  A first for Bosa (at least in SD), this next building will introduce 16,000 sqft of retail space on the building’s ground floor.  Many other downtown San Diego condos have adopted this idea, but it will be a first for Bosa in San Diego.  Given it’s proximity to the North Embarcadero and the Columbia District’s growing population, I think it will be a welcomed addition.  Here’s a breakdown of what the Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9 condos will be like:

The designer for this new project is Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, who in their own words are “one of the world’s pre-eminent architecture firms, providing architecture, interior, programming and master planning services for clients in both the public and private sectors.”  And based on their website and portfolio, I’d say I have to agree.  This $250 million dollar project is expected to be completed in 2016.

For everyone at Electra, yes, you will unfortunately be losing some of your views.  Bosa’s new highrise will be closer to Broadway (Electra is further south, away from Broadway), but much of the views to the west and north-west will be lost.  The F floor plans (that I love so much) at Electra will however, maintain their great views.  The good news is that based on the rendering, the new tower will be skinny, going lengthwise along Broadway (east to west) minimizing the view obstruction directly to the west.  Despite the loss of views, Electra will obviously still keep its incredible Conservatory and elegant decor.  And having seen many buildings go up and block other buildings’ views in the past, I’m sure it won’t be as bad as people think it will be (hopefully).

I’m pretty excited about this project, especially since there’s very little inventory in San Diego right now.  With the first phase of the North Embarcadero Project underway and Bayside and Sapphire Tower almost sold out, the Columbia District is ready for some more condos.  Pretty soon, we’ll have new office space, more businesses will move downtown and pretty soon we’ll be a real downtown!

As for the name, no one knows what it’s going to be called yet.  Bosa may hold a public contest to let the public submit names, but that’s not even a sure thing.  For more info about Bosa’s Santa Fe Depot Parcel 9, please subscribe below.

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  1. Do you have any floor plans for the units?

  2. Denny Oh says:

    Hi Tamer – I have some of the floor plans, but they may change. I’ll email you. Thanks!