Local Attacks – Beware!

Posted on February 15, 2012 | by Denny Oh

I’m not 100% of the authenticity of this emails/report below, but they are from local condo building managers and I thought I’d share them just in case(* I just found this link on the UT).  Apparently there have been a few attempted attacks on people in the downtown area.  Please be careful.

“The below email and attached composite were sent to me from the manager at Discovery regarding the attempted attack last night on 8th Ave near Symphony Towers. I heard from another manager that there was an attempted attack on an M2i resident about 2 weeks ago. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if walking alone. Be mindful about being distracted while texting/emailing/phone calls.”

“Attacked on 8th Between A and B

“Last night I was walking home from my office at 707 Broadway at 8pm.  I was attacked by someone who I thought looked harmless. When the guy ran up behind me and covered my mouth and told me to be quiet, I struggled to stay in front of a parked bus next to Symphony Towers.  I knew there was a bus driver in the bus because I do try to stay aware of my surroundings.  I struggled so hard that we both fell off the sidewalk in front of the bus.  I jumped up first and started screaming and pointed to the bus driver.  Thankfully, the bus driver responded and tried to run after the guy.  He got away, but the detective had me do a composite sketch which I attached.  I had to wait over an hour at Symphony Towers for the police to respond because the dispatcher had told the officers it was domestic violence and not assault and battery.  I was cut, sratched and bruised from the assault.The attached sketch is not the most detailed rendering, but I am concerned because I think that the kid must live, work or go to school in the area.  Since he did not try to steal anything, the police do think he was trying to sexually assault me.  The detective is trying to get video footage from the symphony.Anyhow, I was hoping we could send the attached composite sketch to the other buildings in the area?  I know many of us female residents walk our dogs late at night and/or walk home.  The incident happened 2.5 blocks from the Discovery building.  My attacker was hispanic, around 21 years old, height 5’4″ish and probably 120 lbs.  He did have acne scars which they could not add in the sketch.

“My manager at work has spoken with Equity Office Properties and the Downtown Clean and Safe Program.  They will be distributing the sketch around as well.  The police have also blasted it out.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.  I would hate for this guy to try to attack someone else in the neighborhood.”


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