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Posted on September 19, 2011 | by Denny Oh

Currently, there are 44 condos for sale in downtown San Diego, that have a list price of $1M or more.  The properties range from a 1245 sqft 1br/1.5ba at the Metropolitan Club (top of the Omni Hotel), to a $5.5M 38th floor penthouse at the Harbor Club. Only 15 of these “million dollar” penthouses are listed at $2M or higher.  YTD, 2011 has had 32 sales over $1M(there may have been more off the MLS), with the most expensive sale at Bosa Development’s Bayside highrise, for $2.85M for one of their 35th floor penthouses.

Ok, how does someone with a few million bucks choose a penthouse to buy in downtown San Diego?  Well the first step would be to call me, 858-243-2092, and then the next would be to figure out what you want.  Do you want to be in the “front row” and be as close to the water as you can?  Do you want to be closer to the Gaslamp District and the grocery store?  Or maybe you want something that’s unique and exciting.  Well if it were me, I’d look long and hard at The Mark’s two story, top floor(s?) penthouse.

Penthouse #3200 at The Mark, is a very unique property and in my opinion, one of the best values in downtown San Diego.  This penthouse is a two story condo.  All three of The Mark’s elevators open up into the fourier of this penthouse so you don’t even need a front door(no one else has access to the top floor).  As it stands, this penthouse is currently one big open space – no interior walls, fixtures or anything.  It’s just a big open shell ready for one lucky owner.


The bottom floor of The Mark’s penthouse, is approximately 2900 sqft, not including the 840 sqft of outdoor space on the west end of the condo.  There’s also a smaller balcony on the south side of the condo and yet another balcony off the second floor, which has about 740 sqft of living space.

As you might imagine, this is a huge space with incredible views.  There are views to the east, south and west, with great floor to ceiling windows.  The only negative thing one might say about the view, is that it’s not a “front row” view – meaning it’s not super close to the bay.  I personally prefer this, because I like to have a city and water view, but others prefer as much water as they can get.  One thing I always tell clients to consider is that water is pretty to look at, but at night, it’s just darkness.  Either way, it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a penthouse.

Going back to the size of this penthouse, I can stress how rare/great it is to have so much outdoor space.  With over 1700 sqft of patio space, it’s not very different from living in the suburbs with a big back yard!  Only here, you won’t die of boredom.

And now for the best part…the price!  Originally listed at $12.5M(at least that’s what I recall…it was a long time ago), this condo has come down further and further and still further in price.  #3200 is now listed at $2,675,000. True – whoever buys this place will have to put a fair amount of money into it, but so what?  I think spending about $4M on a 3,742 sqft, two story, top floor penthouse in a premiere building isn’t a bad deal at all.  The buyer would get to build out the space exactly to their needs and they wouldn’t feel bad about ripping out costly upgrades that the previous owner might have done.

The buyer may also purchase the designs in the video above, if they wanted to speed things up.  I think The Mark is one of the best buildings in San Diego and especially in East Village – it’s either The Mark, or The Legend. I love the high ceilings, the floor to ceiling windows, the lawn and pool area…I pretty much like everything about it.  And as downtown San Diego grows, East Village will rise in value(probably more than any other 92101 district).

For questions about and downtown San Diego condo, or to schedule a showing on The Mark penthouse #3200, please call Denny Oh at 858-243-2092 or [email protected].

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