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Posted on October 14, 2010 | by Denny Oh

There is an REO(foreclosure) at The Grande that’s listed at $379K right now.  It’s only on the third floor and only has one parking space, but it’s cheaper than most one bedrooms in this building.  It was originally listed at $545,190 in May of this year, but just came down to $379,050.  FYI – this originally sold in August of 2005 for $643,000!  That’s a 41% price reduction!


Thegrande2bedroomThe least expensive two bedroom at The Grande sold in August of 2009, for $440K and that was on the second floor, also with only one parking space.  After that, the next lowest sales price for a two bedroom was $550K, for a 15th floor condo.  The condo that’s for sale is in The Grande North and faces south, looking over the driveway and towards The Grande South.

This is a pretty incredible price.  Again, this only has one parking space and while I rarely advise my clients to buy a two bedroom with only one parking spot, this might be a low enough price to make it worth while – perfect for a second home, or corporate housing.

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