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Posted on August 19, 2010 | by Denny Oh

DSC_3057M2i is one of my favorite condo buildings in downtown San Diego.  Built by CityMark Development, back in 2005, M2i consists of 230 condos in two separate, but connected buildings.  This seven story condo building has entrances at 527 10th Ave and 1050 Island Ave, both in downtown San Diegos East Village district.

What I like about M2i the most, is its unique design.  CityMark tends to create more urban/industrial styled homes, which I really like.  M2i was built as lofts “ meaning that there are no interior walls that separate the living spaces.  In other words, its just one big open space for you to decorate and manipulate into your own creation.  However, since many people dont want their roommates seeing everything they do, many people have had walls/rooms built out and have created more traditional spaces.

M2ifloorplanCityMark created 38 free-flowing floor plans that range from 542 to 1889 square feet with 11“14ft ceilings.  The most common floorplan is a variation of a rectangle that you would enter near the midpoint of the longer side.  As you enter, the kitchen would be on one side of you, with the living room and balcony in front of that.  Walking further in, youd have space to either side of the living room, which may have been converted into a bedroom or two.  Obviously there are other floor plans, but this is the most common.  Ive seen some condos at M2i where the owner has created one or two bedrooms by putting up drywall, or in some cases, sliding walls/doors.  The nice thing about these lofts is that you can do whatever you want to them to create the perfect space for your needs.

I also really like the fact that there are sections of exposed concrete in the condos.  Some of the walls were left unfinished and do not have drywall over them.  The ductwork and plumbing is also exposed, giving it a unique look and feel.  M2i isnt all concrete and gray though.  Ive seen several condos/lofts that have been softened up by using paint, or even texturing over the concrete “ theres a lot you can do.

M2imodelAnother thing that I like about the M2i lofts is that the HOA dues are very low, relatively speaking that is.  For a 1,000 sqft condo, youll pay around $400/mo, which would be closer to $600/mo in most other downtown buildings.  M2i doesnt have a swimming pool or jacuzzi, but it does have a nice fitness center and a roof top deck in the 1050 Island building.  Up on the south facing deck, theres a fireplace, lounge chairs and a BBQ for you to use “ it doesnt matter if youre in the 527 10th Ave building, or the 1050 Island side “ everyone has access to the common facilities.  Parking at M2i is underground, just like almost every other downtown building.

M2i is a mixed use building, meaning that there is some commercial space on the bottom floor.  M2iloftCurrently, there is a Starbucks, a pet grooming place and some other stores.  There are a handful of walk-up lofts here as well, which are nice if you dont like going through the lobby, etc.  In the middle of the complex is an open air courtyard that basically has some planters and greenery.  My favorite lofts at M2i are the seventh floor condos, which have huge 14 foot high ceilings.  Even though you cant/wont use this extra space, it makes the place feel much larger than it is.  The windows at M2i are also very large, many of which stretch the entire length of the wall(s) and go from the floor up to the ceiling.  M2i does not have a concierge service, nor does it have guest parking “ but most of the East Village residences dont either.

Another thing I really like about M2i is the location.  Bounded by Market/Island and 10th/11th, M2i is in a great place.  The developing East Village is an exciting and diverse part of downtown San Diego.  You can walk across the street and go bowling, head over a few blocks to Petco Park, grab a drink at a local bar or be anywhere you want downtown in less than 20 minutes.

The prices at M2i are also very reasonable.  Currently, these lofts are listed and selling anywhere from about the high $200K range for an 883 sqft loft(sold in February 10) to the $700K range for a 1,295 sqft loft(currently available).  The bulk of the condos at M2i sell from the mid $300K range to about the mid $500K range.  However, the biggest issue is that theres very little inventory.  M2i is a popular building and condos typically do not stay on the market very long here.  For those of you who like lofts, but want something a little, well, more, Id suggest you check out the Parkloft condosthis is what I call the big boy lofts.


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