The Best Downtown San Diego One Bedroom Floorplan

Posted on February 25, 2010 | by Denny Oh

The Harbor Club is one(actually two) of downtown San Diegos most iconic buildings.  The elegant black and brown towers at the south end of the Marina District are undeniably unique.  And while most people know the Harbor Club of its larger condos, I want to point out the overlooked one bedrooms that they have to offer.

At 1,036 sqft, the Harbor Club one bedroom condos are some of the largest one bedrooms in all of downtown San Diego(the Meridian has some that are around 1300 sqft!).  The thing that I like about the Harbor Club condos is that theyre in a great, convenient location and the building is truly one of a kind.  With only three or fewer condos per floor, you don’t have the long apartment-like hallway feel.  The Harbor Club staff are some of the best in town and the pool area is also great.


The one bedroom condos at the Harbor Club face inwards “ the 100 and 200 Harbor Drive towers are mirror images with the one bedrooms facing each other.  The one bedrooms in the 100 Harbor Drive(the west tower) high rise face east and have some very nice city and partial bay views.  These condos end in 06, the prefix indicating the floor number.  In the eastern 200 Harbor Drive tower, the one bedrooms end in 03 and face west.  The 03 one bedrooms have incredible bay views(from about the 10th floor and up) which are very protected.  I personally prefer the one bedrooms in the east tower because they are less obstructed by the west tower.  The way the 100 and 200 towers are positioned, the 100 tower is slightly further north and the one bedrooms face slightly south.  The 200 tower one bedrooms face south as well(and west), but since the tower is further south than the 100 tower, youre seeing more water than building.  Have I lost you yet?

What Im trying to say is that in addition to having a south west view, the one bedrooms in the east tower of the Harbor Club are less obstructed by nearby buildings.  And while these one bedrooms only come with one bathroom, they make up for in living space.  These condos, especially from about the 10th floor and up, offer some great, protected bay views.  If youre looking for a one bedroom, definitely check out the Harbor Club.


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