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Posted on February 3, 2010 | by Denny Oh

GrowthFor the majority of the last 6 years(more like 5.5), I’ve been helping people buy houses as a buyer’s specialist.  Now, while I still focus on helping home buyers, I am looking to expand my business and am helping people sell their homes here in San Diego.  I currently have a handful of listings, but would love some more.  For those of you who follow my blog, you know that most of my posts are directed towards people who are looking for great real estate deals in San Diego.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better place to advertise listings than a site that is aimed at attracting ready and able home buyers.

On average, has about 80–100 different visitors a day(these are different people coming to my site – not one person going to my site over an over again).  Most of these people do not

“follow” my blog, rather they are searching for things like “bayside condos by bosa,” or “best san diego real estate deals,” or “san diego electra rent.”  In fact, most of my new clients come from my website and the typical call/email goes something like this…”Hi Denny.  My name is _______ and I’m looking to purchase a home and I keep coming across your name.  Can you help me find a good deal?”  I’m sharing this with you not because I want a pat on the back, but because I want to show you how valuable it is to advertise your home online and most importantly, with me! 

Placing ads in the newspaper, holding open houses and other “traditional” methods are not necessarily the best way to sell real estate in today’s market.  In my opinion, having a strong online presence is by far the best way to advertise.  San Diego home buyers come from all over the place – Arizona, the Midwest, Seattle….all the places that don’t have the beautiful weather that San Diego does(so pretty much everywhere else).  I can guarantee these buyers are doing a lot of research before they come out here and my goal is to get my site in front of them. 

So while I don’t expect you to read this and simply give me a listing, I do hope to plant a seed and ask that if and when the time comes for you to sell a home, please give me a shot.  All I’m asking for is a chance to talk to you and show you why you want me as your realtor.  In the meantime, why don’t you subscribe to my blog? And just as a quick heads up, I’ll be posting some info on how you can get about 15–40% ROI(typically in 30–90 days) by working with me if you have some cash lying around.  If you’re interested, give me a call.  And if you know me know, you know this is not some sort of scam. 

Denny Oh [email protected] 858.243.2092

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