Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego – Shared Ownership?

Posted on November 3, 2009 | by Denny Oh

HardrockroomThe Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp District has created quite a stir since its debut.  Initially, the Hard Rock gain a TON of interest and essentially sold all 420 of its units in two days.  Since then, there has been an issue with the Rande Gerber designed bars/clubs, now known as 207 and Float and a number of owners have tried to sell their investments. 

As far as I know, only one condo has been be resold, which was actually a foreclosure.  Having been a member of the resale team, I’ve experienced first hand, how different this type of property is.  I’ve listened to what owners had to say, I’ve stayed at the hotel and I’ve lived like Rock Royalty.  At this point, there are 26 condos for sale.  Click here for a quick rundown of how the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel and the condo-hotel model works

Being a downtown San Diego real estate specialist, I get a lot of inquirers about the Hard Rock.  I’m also in a position where I know of many owners who would like to sell, but don’t have their condos on the market.  Additionally, I know some owners who are open to selling partial ownership to interest buyers. 

HardrocklobbyIf you have questions about the Hard Rock, or want to buy or sell here, let me know.  I personally think this is a great investment, but it has to be a long term hold.  Don’t expect to turn a profit in a year and be prepared to into break even every month.  With that said, I think the name, location, quality and concept are incredible and see a ton of potential for those who can take advantage of the current market and economy.  San Diego is one of the country’s most visited cities and when the economy turns around, San Diego will still be 70 degrees and sunny, waiting for people to visit. 

Buyers – if you’re interested, lets talk and throw an offer out there.  Do you want partial ownership?  Do you want a guaranteed stream of income?  Do you want to trade property?  This is the time to get creative and make deals happen.

For more information, please call Denny Oh at 858–243–2092 or [email protected]

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  1. Keahi Pelayo says:

    I understand they are looking for a site in Honolulu. Hope they find one.