Price Reductions at The Legend Condos

Posted on July 23, 2009 | by Denny Oh

Now that the Bayside condos have been completed and Electra and The Legend are almost sold out, Bosa Development is doing their best to get rid of all their other inventory.  Electra has been doing very well in the past few months and The Legend is trying to do the same.  Just the other day, Bosa released it’s final “close out” prices for The Legend’s last condos.

If you’re looking for a great downtown San Diego condo deal, here you go!  Prices at The Legend, downtown San Diego’s only true ballpark highrise, are anywhere from about 20–40% below what they were in the original price release.  To make things even better, The Legend is also offering to pay for 3 years of HOA dues!  That’s about another $33K you’d be saving!  Legendsales

The Legend is located on Petco Park’s land and the seventh floor lounge has an incredible view into the stadium.  And being a Bosa building, you know it’s a highend, quality highrise.  I don’t think these deals will last, so if you’re interested, give me a call and let me get an even better deal for you!

Denny Oh 858–243–2092 [email protected]

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