Downtown San Diego Condo Deals Do Not Last

Posted on June 23, 2009 | by Denny Oh

On May 22nd, I wrote about a 1 bedroom condo(that came on the market that same day) that I thought was a great deal in the downtown San Diego Renaissance building.  Only six days after the home went on the market, someone purchased the home for $388K…cash!  If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably thinking about buying a home.  If you’re serious about buying a home in downtown San Diego, you need to find yourself a good realtor.  I limit myself to working with eight active buyers at one time so I can provide my clients with the time they need, but I can always sleep less!

The point of this post is not to say, I told you so….but rather to let you know that deals do not last long.  And as I said earlier, if you are looking to buy a home, you need someone working for you who will notify of you these deals ASAP.  Reading blogs and checking out Zillow is great, but it probably won’t get you that incredible deal you’re all looking for.  And keep in mind, I don’t post all of the deals I come across on my blog – I send the best ones to my clients, not my readers.  If you’re interested in working with me, or simply have a question/suggestion for me, I’d love to hear from you.  And if it’s not me, just be sure to find someone who knows what they’re doing and someone you can trust. 

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