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Posted on March 31, 2009 | by Denny Oh

Bayside at the Embarcadero “ 1325 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, Ca 92101

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BaysideBosas Bayside at the Embarcadero is getting closer and closer to being completed.  Ive been told that the first condos will be closing this summer and with approximately 50% of the 232 homes sold, Id imagine deals are going to be made.  This is Bosas first attempt(at least in San Diego) to capture the buyers who want to live downtown, but also want some space to live in.

Sure, Bosas previous highrises(Horizons, Park Place, Discovery, The Grande, The Legend and Electra) have larger condos, but Bayside claims to have large suites for larger-than-life living.  Bayside is a 36 story highrise with 219 condos in the tower and an additional 13 townhomes surrounding it “ another classic platform style Bosa building.

According to Bosa, the condos will range from 1,031 to 3,226 square feet with the average floor plan having about 1,600 square feet.  The highrise is broken down into three different levels:

Floors 5-28

These floors will have seven condos per floor, consisting of two 2Br/2Ba condos and five 2Br/2Ba plus Den condos.  And just like the E Plans at The Grande, the largest unit(on floors 5“28) will face west, allowing for the most water views.  Unlike The Grande however, it doesn’t look like every unit will get water views.  The Grande has a pyramidesque layout, whereas Bayside has a rectangular one, going lengthwise from east to west.  Based on Bosas floorplans for Bayside, it looks like the front(west facing) three condos on these floors will get great water views, but the others will only get water views from the balconies, or none at all(the smaller 2 bedrooms on the east end of the tower).  Im sure there will be some ocean views from these other units, but nothing spectacular.Baysidedining

Also similar to The Grande, Bayside has two of each floorplan (minus the B and J floor plans that face due west), only varying slightly in size.  This would be like the A1 and A2 floor plans at The Grande that are 1,625 and 1,684 square feet respectively, or the B plans that are 1,325 and 1,336 square feet.  Ive been in all of these condos hundreds of times and I cant tell where the space is lost, or gained.

There are three condos on the north side of Bayside, three on the south and one facing due west.  The west corners are the A and C floor plans “ 2br/2ba+den “ 1,474 and 1,404 square feet.  In the middle of the rectangle on the north and south sides are theG and D floor plans “ 2br/2ba+ den “ 1,387 and 1,460 square feet.  At the end on the east side, there are the two smaller 2 bedroomF and E floor plans “ 1,190 and 1,462 square feet.  On these last two floor plans, theres a significant difference and layout.

The largest floor plan on these levels is the B floor plan, which has 1,820 square feet.  Again, this condo faces due west, but it not a corner unit.

***Click here for an updated review and photos***

Floors 29-32

In Bayside, once you get to level 29, there are only five condos per floor.  Similar to The Grande, the building changes shape(35th floor at The Grande) and the condos get larger.  Instead of three condos per side, these floors only have two, but keep the J floor plan which faces west(very similar to the B floor plan on the lower floors).  The J plan is 1,870 square feet and has a large balcony facing west.

BaysidekitchenThe H and K floor plans are on the northwest and southwest corners of Bayside and have 1,886 and 1,892 square feet.  These 2br/2ba+dens are essentially mirror images, slightly varying in size.  The east end of the tower has the M and L floor plans that are 1,183 and 1,485 square feet.  The L floor plan, which is on the southeast corner has a den, opposed to the 2 bedroom M plan.


Floors 33 and 34

As you go higher in the Bayside, the condos on levels 33 and 34 get even larger and fewer in number.  With only four condos per floor, these Bayside condos each take up one side of the highrise.  The west facing J plan remains unchanged, but youre introduced to three new floor plans.

The N and P are almost identical, each boasting 2,450 square feet of space in a two bedroom, two bath, plus den floor plan.  These two condos occupy the north and south sides of the tower, with their balconies facing west.  The biggest(possibly only) difference Ive seen in these two floor plans, is that the north facing N plan has a larger laundry room(not closet, but an actual room) and the condo has a pantry.  The south facing P floor plan also has a laundry room, but it looks slightly smaller and has no pantry at all.

The fourth condo on these floors at Bayside are on the east side of the highrise.  They are predominantly east facing, but also look to the north and south, with balconies on both ends.  This 1,595 square foot condo is the Q floor plan and has two bedrooms, but no den.  The Q floor plan lacks a laundry room, going back to the more familiar laundry closet. What I do like about this floor plan however, is that the bedrooms are on the opposite side of the living and dining area.  Then again, the Q plan looks like it has a TINY guest bedroom.

Bayside Penthouses  Floors 35-36

Baysidekitchen2Heres where things really start to get exciting.  If you want some large condos in downtown San Diego, heres your chance.  At 3,151 and 3,226 square feet, the R and S floor plans at Bosas Bayside are much larger than most condos in downtown San Diego. In fact, theyre larger than many of the penthouses that are in other highrises.

The larger S floor plan is on the south side of Bayside and is very similar to its counterpart on the north side.  Both of these penthouses have balconies at both the west and east ends of the highrise.  Bosa describes these penthouses are 2 BR + Den + Nook floor plans.  Again, the J floor plan sits at the west end, unchanged at 1,870 square feet.

The R and S plans are LONG and have the living rooms on the west end and the bedrooms on the east side of the condo.  There are some significant features in these Bayside floor plans that stand out from most other penthouses Ive seen in downtown San Diego.

For starters, theyre large.  At The Grande, the largest floor plan (minus the slightly larger townhouse) is the E plan, which only has 1,944 square feet “ these penthouses have well over 3,000 square feet! This is also one of the few San Diego Bosa buildings that have more than two bathrooms in a condo on a single level(some townhouses and some of the two levels at Horizons).

IMG_0002Additionally, the master bedrooms are huge!  For all the women out there who cant find enough space to store their shoes, Baysides penthouses have one LARGE walkin closet and a separate second walkin closet next to the en suite bathroom.  The master bedroom also comes with a private retreat, which can be used as an office, or workout area.

In terms of storage, I honestly havent seen anything else like Bayside.  These condos have pantries, walkin laundry rooms, multiple walkin closetsthis is perfect for all your North County folk who have always wanted to live downtown, without sacrificing the space.  The penthouses also have three different HVAC/AC units.  Previously, Boas would often provide two different thermostats in each condo, so one could control the living area and another for the bedrooms.  At Bayside, some condos have three separate heating and cooling zones.  These top two floors also have higher ceilings at about 10, opposed to the traditional 9 ceilings you see in all the other Bosa developments.


As expected, Bayside will have all the usual trimmings “ heated swimming pool, spa, fitness center, concierge, security, etc.  New to downtown San Diegos highrise living however, is Baysides Enoteca “ your own private wine tasting room.  According to their website, Enoteca will allow Baysides residents and their guests to experience the ambiance of Tuscany without ever leaving home. There is also an adjoining conference room that can be used to entertain guests for meetings, or dining.

Bayside also has a theater room, steam and sauna rooms, pool side cabanas and a two story lobby.  This luxury highrise also offers six electric car charging stations(five of which are still available).  While these are not free, those who want them can purchase them and charge their hybrids right at home.


As of today, March 31st, 2009, Bayside has 85 of the 232 condos in escrow and the first condos are scheduled to close in June.  With less than 37% sold, this is the worst Bosa has ever done in San Diego.  Granted, this is the worst market downtown San Diego has seen in quite some time, it will be interesting to see how Bayside performs.  After having been through Electra, I can only pray that Bosa learned from their mistakes.

IMG_0005For those of you looking to get a good deal, prices at Electra and The Legend are getting lower and lower.  Bosa isnt hurting by any means, but they do want to get rid of the last 20 or so condos at these two developments.  And if youre thinking of going in alone to get a better deal, you may want to think twice.  Do you really want the seller to represent you as the buyer?

Other Stuff

Bayside moves up from the GE appliances that Bosa has historically used in its San Diego buildings.  Now they have names like Viking, Snaidero and Miele to add to the luxury building.  Every single floorplan at Bayside has an island in the kitchen.  Also, the majority of the floorplans have walkin closets in the master bedroom, as well as two parking spaces (the smaller ones might not).  Im a little concerned about these curved walls though.  Just like at Electra, Im worried that these curved walls might make it hard to place furniture, but who knows.  The gold and blue colored walls are also a little disturbing, but I guess well see how it looks when its all done.


All in all, Im excited to see what Bayside brings to the table.  Despite the market conditions, I think Bayside will be a welcomed change to downtown living.  The larger square footage in a new highrise will surely be welcomed.  Bayside is also contributing to the development of the Columbia District, which is currently undervalued, due to the uncertainty of future development.

And with no other condo buildings coming online for several years, those who want new will definitely want to look at Bayside.

Make sure you have an agent represent you on your purchase and do NOT let the seller’s agent represent you…unless you don’t care about having someone looking out for you.  Call me to schedule a viewing today.  Denny Oh 858-243-2092.

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  1. Edward Nigolian says:

    Hello Mr. Oh, I am looking to purchase the area of the bayside and I would be interested in further information regarding the units. I read some information and Like the two bedroom with the den style setup with the bay view. Could you send me some additional info, sketch of floor plans, price, parking situation and such.


  2. Denny Oh says:


    Thanks for the comment/inquiry. As I indicated in my email to you, all the floorplans are available on my blog – all you have to do is click on the highlighted letter of the floorplan you’re looking for.
    Prices vary based on floorplans and views, but I believe Bosa will be lowering Bayside’s prices soon.

  3. Russ Overkamp says:

    Could you get me pricing on the bayside development. Thanks, Russ

  4. Denny Oh says:

    Hi Russ,

    Thanks for the contacting me. I’ll be in touch with you via email. Talk to you soon.

  5. Debra Hershman says:

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    I specialize in condos downtown. If you need our services, please contact us. BLINDLOVE custom window coverings 858.395.9509

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