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Posted on March 29, 2009 | by Denny Oh

Welcome to SanDiegOhhost of the 135th Carnival of Real Estate.  When I was reading the 50 or so Carnival submissions this week, I quickly realized something.there are a LOT of blogs about real estate and mortgages.  With that said, I read some very interesting and informative posts and also, some not so interesting ones.  Here are my picks

The submission that I liked the most was Jayme Prezzis Why Real Estate Blogging Rocks & why I would never be able to make an elevator pitch not a particularly catchy title, but provocative none the less.  In Jaymes Miami City Diggs post, she talks about how and why blogging is such an effective tool for us salespeople “ sorry Jayme, but thats what we are!  She talks about how she got into real estate and a little about her background “ something that business cards, bus stop benches and flyers cant do.

Jayme explains that by blogging, readers get to In a no hassle way, you the reader can get to know us and find out if we have what it takes to be your Real Estate Agent. I completely agree with this and in my experience, leads from my blog are way better than any other marketing I do(aside from referrals).  Shes so confident in her skills and knowledge, that Jayme even highlights some other realtors that she likes and provides her readers with their blog info!

I really liked and share Jaymes stance that people dont like being sold to and applaud her for being herself.  Good luck Jayme!

On a completely different note, I also really enjoyed reading Dan Greens Are Gas Prices Rising? Mortgage Rates Wont Be Far Behind. What I really liked about this The Mortgage Reports post, was how well it was structured.  To begin with, the title was informative, letting me know what the post was about and it made me want to read on.  Next, Dan used a clear and easy to read chart to capture the readers attention.

The post then outlined key points and listing his opinions, supported by articles that backed them up.  Its easy for bloggers to blab on and on, only offering their two cents “ but by providing links to credible sources, Dans opinions carry more weight and his readers are more likely to believe him.  I thought it was a great post “ short, clear, informative and well supported.  The only criticism I have, was that there was no call to action!

Thanks for all the submissions.  Now get back to blogging


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  1. Carol says:

    Did you and I have the same journalism professor???? LOL! I actually found you by linking to your blog from a google search! See, it works!

  2. Denny Oh says:

    Hi Carol!

    Google is my best friend these days…well Google and my website. I’m glad people are finding my site. I hope you and Roy are doing well!

  3. Jamey Prezzi says:

    Thanks Denny, I am so honored that you liked the post. What a nice write up and good feedback. You are on my RSS reader now! See you around…

  4. Denny Oh says:

    Hey Jamey,

    Hope all is well out there in Miami! Take care.