Lindbergh Field is Growing…

Posted on February 9, 2009 | by Denny Oh

Sort of.  According to a recent article in the San Diego Daily Transcript, San Diego’s Lindbergh Field was North America’s “busiest single runway commercial service airport” for 2008 and that 18.3 million travelers came through last year – a new record.

As a result, San Diego’s airport will see an additional 10 gates and 3,500 parking spaces added to the busy Lindbergh Field.  The plan has estimated a budget of over $1 billion dollars, but according the the SDDT, “it may cost another $4 billion to build out the airport [which} would soon be gridlocked.”

Iraj Ghaemi, the Airport Authority’s director, fears that this is only a short term fix and that San Diego will need to find a new solution by 2025.  The once proposed relocation to Miramar air base would have costed $7.3 billion, but never made it past the 2006 polls.

For now, the small but conveniently located, Lindbergh Field will continue to service San Diego county.  Ghaemi stated that the airport currently “generates $10 billion and 6,000 jobs” and occupies 661 acres.  I guess we’ll see what happens…

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