F Plan at Electra

Posted on November 17, 2008 | by Denny Oh

You’ve all heard me talk about how disappointing Electra has been, but you’ve also heard me praise Bosa for making the F plan.  Well, after about 5 months of having no F plans for sale(except for Bosa’s 806, which has no view), now there are two!

Choose from either the 16th or 24thfloors and own what most people think is by far, the best floor plan in the building.  I’ve seen almost every floorplan in Electra and love the F plan.  This 1548 square foot unit faces south east and has incredible views.  Originally, the unit comes as a 2 bedroom plus den condo, but most people take out the den to improve the views and usable space.

These ’06 units are incredible.  Not only do they have incredible bay and city views, they’re completely protected!  Everything around it has already been built out and all the buildings are low rises.  You also have Pantoja park across the street.

If you’re interested and want to have the best floorplan in the building, give me a call.  These won’t last very long.

*Click here to see all the units for sale at Electra.*

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  1. Hi Danny,

    I’m a Downtown Vancouver Realtor in Canada and I help clients buy and sell a lot of Bosa product.

    How is it perceived in your real estate market? Here they’ve got a great reputation for quality.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  2. Denny Oh says:


    From what I’ve seen, I think Bosa does a great job – for the most part. In terms of quality, I think they’re great. They have their share of problems, but so does everyone else – the difference is that Bosa is a bit more proactive and will step up to the plate when they need to.

    I’ve had a few people comment on my blog about how unhappy they were with Bosa. I guess they had discrepancies with artist renderings and the final product. I think this is the nature of pre-construction purchases, but I also understand the buyer’s frustration.

    Overall, I think Bosa does a great job. I just wish they’d get a little more creative with their designs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also happen to love the F plan, but I don’t think your statement about 806 having no view is accurate. I’ve seen the unit myself, and it does have some. You can see the Coronado bridge between Hyatt and Merriot and a fair bit of water around Park Place. Of course, you still have a clear shot at the ocean just above the “Office Depot” building (until Bosa builds the new condo, whenever that may be). I am sure the views from 1606 and 2406 are vastly superior, but still I would rather have an F unit on the 8th floor than a D or E unit on the 30th. That’s just my opinion.

  4. Denny Oh says:


    Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, I haven’t seen 806. I’ve spoken to several colleagues who aren’t too fond of it, but maybe I should take a look for myself!

    And I’m not sure I’d take an 8th floor anything, over a 30th floor unit, but I guess it all depends on the price. Have you seen the E and F plans that have been combined? Too bad it wasn’t an A and F plan…

  5. Anonymous says:


    The E units have absolutely no views, and whether it’s on the first floor or the 30th, the only difference is which floor of the next building you want to be looking at. If you stand on the balcony outside the unit, sure, you have a rather nice view, but in my book, it doesn’t really count.

    Coincidentally, 3005 is being sold by Bosa. It is a really nice unit (I really like the color-coordinated interior – nice chocolate-colored wood everywhere), but it still has small windows and no desirable views. I’d take 806 over 3005 any day of the week. When you get a chance, you should get a tour of 806 (I am sure Bosa would love to show you the unit especially if you come in with a client).

    And, yes, I’ve seen an E+F unit, and they are nice, and yes, I agree an F+A unit would be mind-blowing.

    By the way, for the price of an E+F unit, I can think of a few better options (including the Renaissance Penthouse unit on your blog).

    I enjoy your website very much. Keep up the good work!

  6. Denny Oh says:


    Thanks for the kind words! Again, I haven’t seen 3005, but honestly, I don’t think gold painted walls could get me to buy an ’05 unit. The views aren’t that great, the fans from the building next door are noisy and you only get one parking spot(unless you can get Bosa to throw in another).

    And yes, I’d rather buy the penthouse for at Renaissance, for half the price of the E+F combo. I guess I better start making more money!

    Thanks for reading.

  7. Juana Rufino says:

    Oh Please! Did you know that Bosa hid 706 (F Plan) from the market since Jan 2008. It’s been reduced from 919 to 629k. You know the one. If it’s so hot, how come u r not buying it for your family?

  8. Annoymous says:

    Those Bosa hired thugs (so called realtors) are nothing but chips off the block of Vegas Mafia. They tried to create a frenzy by thinking that they had the only condos in town. Have u ever been to Singapore or Hong Kong? You look the part! Anyway, their building are much nicer. Did u see how close some of the toilets are next to the wall. If fat bastard took a crap, he would be stuck. Inventory will keep u busy trying to find buyers till u get fat and bald.

  9. Denny Oh says:

    Juana – thanks for the comment. First off, I wouldn’t say using a condo as an office is the same as “hiding” it. Bosa used unit 706 as their office up until a few months ago, which is when they put it on the market. Sure, they’re having a Prudential agent list it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was being used until recently.

    And yes, the price has been reduced…is that a bad thing? Yes, I like the F plan, but just because I like a floorplan, it doesn’t mean I want the second lowest one available. That’s like saying since someone likes jelly doughnuts, that they should like old stale ones as well.

    And what family are you referring to? Do you want me to buy it for my parents? My siblings???

    “Annoymous” – I’d say Bosa’s sales staff and the Vegas Mafia are hardly similar, but sure, some people got screwed when they bought. But I’m pretty sure no one made them sign a contract and no one made them choose a Bosa building. I’m all for pointing out shady agents and developers, but “creat[ing] a frenzy” is hardly shady. It sounds like you’re just upset you, or someone you know, bought at the wrong time. In case you haven’t noticed, this happened to MILLIONS of people all over the place – even in non-Bosa buildings.

    As for Hong Kong and Singapore, unfortunately I’ve never been. Are there a lot of “fat bastards” out there? In regards to the toilets, I didn’t realize space was such an issue. I can’t say I’ve used a toilet at Electra, but now you’ve made me curious. Hopefully you’re wrong about the inventory and me getting fat and bald – but if it does happen, I’ll be sure to consider moving abroad. Thanks for the words of wisdom.