Trick or Treat

Posted on October 24, 2008 | by Denny Oh

Its the week before Halloween and I have no idea what Ill be doing.  I have no costume, nor do I even have an idea of what I want to be.  Shortly after I bought my condo 3 years ago, I went out and bought some candy to pass out at Halloween.  Unfortunately, no kids decided to come by my neighborhood(I live in neighborhood that primarily consists of apartments and condos).  I was ready the next year and the next year “ still no kids.


The other day, a friend forwarded me a cartoon that made me think “ are things really this bad?  And what I decided was, yes and no.  Just like the economy, the real estate market is down.  At the same time, its worse for some, more so than others “ obviously.

My point is, while I know some people whove been laid off, its not as bad as I imagined itd be.  And in terms of foreclosures, again, its not as bad as I thought itd be.  With 47% of San Diegos sales last month consisting of foreclosures, I really dont see that type of representation Downtown.  Its mostly affecting places like East Lake, Temecula and various other non-central San Diego areas “ not Downtown.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share a bit of humor.  Happy Halloween.

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  1. Sandy Chamberlain says:

    Hey you lucky man! Tony and I are forced to leave our home early on Halloween, and it’s not safe for us to return until after 10pm; otherwise we are forced to participate in the only American Tradition I don’t wish to take on myself, and that is “HALLOWEEN”.
    It’s not that we don’t wish people to Celebrate Halloween; it’s just that we encourage for it’s safeness for children to enjoy a Church,Community or Shopping Mall Halloween Celebration in favor of going door to door…. We don’t expect any American to agree; but when you don’t grow up enjoying this tradition; you have a different perspective on it.
    As an Australian; we don’t Celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving and we Aussies enjoy our own version of 4th July on January 25th known as “Australian Day”. I adopted Thanks-Giving and all the other American Traditions with the exception of Halloween; I’m a believer of consistency with children; and we Consistently taught and encouraged our children “NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS” ~ ‘EVER’. So under no circumstances would we ever consider sending them out to knock on a strangers door “EVER”…..Our Children are now both Adults; so it’s not an issue for us; however we are bombarded by 50+ children visiting our door; to which we did hand out candy by the handful. Tony even went to the trouble of decorating the house with a large spider on a web; as well he installed red + orange garden lights throughout the garden, along with dressing up himself into a monsters to greet our visitors at the door; he also installed ghost smoke and haunted music to set the scene for their arrival. When a visitor rang the door bell, or knocked on the door; Tilly our dog ~ who loves Halloween with all the visitors coming to the door; anyway, she would scare the daylights out of everyone, including the adults; as she suddenly appears through her doggy door which they didn’t see; due to the darkness of the night.
    So in 2007, we decided to turn all the house and garden lights OFF; and together with all our other Aussie and British friends, we gathered inside the rear of the house in darkness; thinking nobody would come to our house (since we were informed that if all lights are OFF; that house isn’t participating in Halloween); however, we still managed to have 32 visitors to our door; which we did have candy available for any who did come, and thank goodness we did…… However, we have decided that this year we would hand candy to the very little ones in our neighborhood who come early so they go to sleep early. Then we would leave for a night of dinner and movies and stay out until it’s safe to come home at 10pm. We will be meeting with a group of friends.
    So Denny; sounds like Tony and I need to live in your neighborhood.
    What ever you do; Have fun and ENJOY!

  2. Denny Oh says:

    Thanks Sandy! It’s always interesting to hear someone else’s perspective, especially when they’re from a different country. I agree. People need to be safe and watch their children, but I’d also like to think that most people out there are good people.

    Good luck this year and when you and Tony are ready to make the move, I’ll be waiting!

    P.S. I lived in Brisbane for 6 months and I can’t wait to go back – I’ve never come across so many friendly people!