Downtown Quiet Zone Act is Moving Forward

Posted on August 6, 2008 | by Denny Oh

After 8 long years, it looks like the CCDC is finally moving forward with Downtown San Diegos Quiet Zone Act. Basically, the Quiet Zone Act will reduce the number of intersections where the trains have to blow their horns, by adding new safety measurements. There are 13 or 14 railroad crossings that will be worked on, which will allow San Diego to receive a federal Quiet Zone designation.

The Quiet Zone Act received approval from CCDC on this week(August 4th, 2008) and the project now has 45 days to secure bids for the work. These intersections will receive a combination of new railroad crossing guards, lights, medians and at least one street will be converted to a one way street.

There is a $17.9 million dollar budget for this project and the work is estimated to take about one year. The completion of the Quiet Zone Act will greatly reduce the noise created by these trains for both residents and visitors. The area affected runs from Laurel Street(to the north), all the way down to the north end of the freight yard, which starts at Park Blvd. This means that people at The Grande, Treo, Doma, Electra, Park Place, City Front Terrace, Pinnacle and Harbor Club(and some others) will get to sleep a little bit better.

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