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Posted on April 14, 2008 | by Denny Oh

Neverland foreclosureIts a down market and you want a deal. With thousands of homes going into adjustable interest rates and decreasing home values, many people are unfortunately being forced into short sales and foreclosures. Depending on where youre looking to buy, you might not find quite as many deals as you were hoping, but there are some great opportunities.

Foreclosure Radar is one of the industrys top providers in your search for foreclosures, auctions and short sales. I am now able to help you search for these and find you a deal. (with the help of Foreclosure Radar) now allows you to search through ALL the foreclosures, short sales and auctions, anywhere in California. You can search by city name, zip code, price, size, or even the type of sale.

While the service does not allow you to see all the information directly, I can assure you that if you do request more info, Ill send it along and will not hassle you. I hate when someone tries to sellĀ me on something, so I wont do it to you. If you have questions, simply let me know what youre looking for and Ill get it to you. With that said, happy hunting!

Click here to search all foreclosures, short sales and auctions.

Click here to search all homes for sale.

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