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Posted on February 7, 2008 | by Denny Oh

Weather2So why is San Diego the best city in the world to live in? Today is February 7th and for the rest of the country, its winter. For many non-San Diegans, snow is a part of their daily lives and not something you look forward to on the weekends. But here in San Diego, they skies are clear and the sun is outin fact, I was actually sweating in my car while I waited for my client to show up.

Yes, it did rain a bit last week, but our rain is comparable to a heavy fog in many other states. Right now its in the 60s, but its got to be warmer than that. People are out walking in shorts and T-shirts “ no boots and overcoats here.


Are homes prices too high though? Will the foreclosures and adjustable mortgage rates kill the housing market? Doubtful. Yes, some areas of San Diego are suffering, but these are typically the areas that are on the outskirts of San Diego, where owners were stretched too thin to begin with.

Are there deals to be had? Yes. In any market, you can find a good deal and take advantage of someone elses situation. The key is working with an agent who knows whats going on and knows about these deals “ sellers who are going through a divorce, investors who cant cover their mortgage, developers who have to pay off their loansthese are all indications that can lead to a deal.

Want a list of deals? Do you want to know about a unit that is $200,000 under priced? How about a home that is turnkey and has a large lot, ready to be developed?

Contact Denny Oh at 858.243.2092 for information on these homes, or others in the San Diego area.

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