San Diego Vegetarian Restaurants

Posted on January 4, 2008 | by Denny Oh

As a steaklover I dont know how someone could be a vegetarian, but Ive also come to terms that you guys do indeed exist. Its not that I dont like fruits and vegetables, its just that I love steak, chicken, fishits all good! But for the rest of you, here are some vegetarian restaurants in the San Diego area that Pacific Magazine just reviewed.

1. Spread “ Comprised of nouveau comfort food, SpreadSpread Restaurant prides itself on its fresh food. Produce is purchased every day from local farmers markets and with a menu that has dishes like chocolate salad, macadamia rose pesto grits and a hibiscus blossom mole, Im even tempted to check it out.

Spread is located at 2879 University Ave in Hillcrest. 619“543“0406.

2. Sipz Fuzion Cafe “ at Sipz, you can choose from a number of dishes Sipz Fuzion Cafe 2018that are influenced by Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Italian flavorshence the Fuzion. Prices are a big hit here as well, with dishes in the 6“7 dollar range. All dishes are 100% vegetarian and all desserts are Vegan friendly.

Sipz has two locations:

11385 Poway Rd, Poway “ 858“486“7479 and 5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Clairemont.

3. Lean and Green “ this is about as green as you can get. Everything here is organic, recycled and eco-friendly. This place is so Earth friendly, that they dont even have a website! With plates, silver ware and cups made out of corn, you cant help but feel like a better person by dining here “ even if you rolled in in your Hummer.

Lean and Green is located at 7825 Fay Ave, La Jolla (right behind the La Jolla Sports Club) 858“459“5326

4. Vegan Zone “ the name pretty much says it all. Focusing on Asian influenced dishes, the Vegan Zone is a great place to stop by for a healthy meal after hitting the beach “ healthya nice change to the typical restaurants in Pacific Beach. The Vegan Zone also has a bar with organic beers, just to make you PBers feel at home.

Vegan Zone is located at 859 Hornblend St, Pacific Beach 858“272“1913

5. Cilantro Live “ Founded in 2003, Cilantro claims to be the first organic, vegan, CilantroLiveSamplerand raw restaurant in San Diego county. Cilantro prides itself on not using processed foods, or cooking foods over ninety-five degrees. Only using natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, grains, sprouts, fruits and vegetables and with three different locations, this is a safe place to take any health conscious date.

Cilantro Live has three locations:

3807 5th Ave, Downtown 619“325“0136 and 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad 760“858“0136 and 315 3rd Ave, Chula Vista 619“827“7401

6. Salad Style “ Located in the up and coming East Village of Downtown, Salad Style isnt exactly a vegetarian restaurant. Instead, this new restaurant offers a healthy change to the normal fast food lunches. With a choice of 12 different signature salads, including choices like the Moroccan Couscous, Ahi Tuna and Tomato, Peppered Grilled Steak and a Chicken Caesar salad, meat lovers have plenty of choices here. Vegetarians are safe as well and Salad Style even offers a Totally Vegan salad as well. For orders of three or more, they deliver too.

Salad Style is located at 807 F Street, Downtown 619“255“6731

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