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Posted on January 4, 2008 | by Denny Oh

Happy New Year everyone! I must admit, Im not a huge New Years fan, but this years was pretty awesome. I hung out with good friends, drank too much and stayed out way to late. As I watched football on January 1st, I thought about how quickly 2007 passed by and ran through some of the different things that happened “ both in my life and in general.

I wont bore you with the nostalgia, but heres what it means to you. Ive realized how much people people like numbers and statistics, so as your San Diego Realtor, in 2008, Ill be providing monthly sales statistics. Ill provide you with an update each month, on units sold, average prices and so forth. On a quarterly basis, I will produce a nice presentation on the the YTD and show you the trends.

This way, you can look at the facts and decide for yourself how the market is doing (and not rely on sales driven newspaper headlines). What do I think the market will do this year? Why even make predictions? Does anyone really know? Ill have statistics for 2007 up soon and will keep you posted.

Obviously I wont be able to analyze every zip code in San Diego, but if youre interested in a specific area and you want some info, just contact me.

And as far as market predictions and all of that, with the hundreds of millions of dollars in adjustable mortgages scheduled to reset this year, lets just say that 2008 should be an incredible year to buy.

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