Electra – BOSA’s Newest Highrise

Posted on December 12, 2007 | by Denny Oh

Electra san diegoIf youve spent much time on my blog, then you know that Im a huge fan of BOSA and what they build. And while I have yet to set foot in Electra, I have a feeling that this is going to be their best condo tower, here in San Diego “ possibly surpassing Park Places warm, classic feel.

Originally built in 1911 to accommodate the San Diego Electrical Railway company, SDG&E purchased and expanded the building to meet San Diegos growing needs, turning it into what we know as Station B. Today, Electra sits inside of the restored SDG&E building, located at 700 West E Street. With 43 stories and 248 homes, Electra is now Downtown San Diegos highest residential building.

Early Inside SDGE 1
In terms of its location, Electra has staged itself to be in one of Downtowns best locations. Sitting only a few blocks away from the embarcadero, Sea Port Village, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Fe train station and many other attractions, Electra will eventually be next to everything. With the future development of Douglas Manchesters Pacific Gateway Project, the North Embarcadero Project, Lane Field and everything else, five star dining, shops and art will only be a stones throw away.

Electra - lobbyResidents and visitors will enter Electras lobby from E Street, where they will enter a two story, historic social lounge. The 60 foot ceiling will be capped with a beautiful sky dome and Electra will mix contemporary furnishings with hand-restored architecture. The building will feature all the regular amenities, such as a concierge, 24 hour security, BBQs, sauna, recreation room and it will also feature a fifth floor, rooftop pool and outdoor fireplace.

What I think Ill like most about Electra, is the combination of new and oldwith so much growth in San Diego, its nice to see something different. Electra is set to close on its first units at the end of the year, and be completely done by Spring of 2008.

And as Ive said so many times, you cant go wrong with BOSA.

*Click here to see all the condos currently for sale at the Electra, or contact me to see learn about any other listings in San Diego.


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  1. Raye Scott says:

    Absolutely right! This is going to be a fantastic property. I spoke with Gavin Thomas this week, civil engineer for Bosa Development in San Francisco. He toured the Electra last week and when asked to comment on it, he said “There are many great high rises in San Diego but, Electra is a super-structure. There is nothing else like it in San Diego.”

  2. Denny Oh says:

    Thanks Raye,

    I can’t wait to see it. I’m excited to see something different in San Diego….

  3. james callas says:


  4. Denny Oh says:


    Thanks for the comment. I’d be happy to help you find that motivated seller…have you looked at my “Deals” category?

  5. vida zamir says:

    I am looking for 2 bedroom high rise.

  6. Denny Oh says:

    Hi Vida – thanks for the comment. If you want to call or email me, I’d be happy to talk to you about what you’re looking for. My number is 858-243-2092, or you can email me at [email protected].

    There are some great deals at Electra and in other great highrises. I look forward to hearing from you!

  7. Sue says:

    Mark: “The marketplace is cynical – hopefully it’s going to swing back again our way soon too”

    uhh, do you mean “cyclical”?

  8. Denny Oh says:

    haha – thanks Sue. Unfortunately, I think Mark’s typo was part of a spam comment. I’ve deleted it, but thanks for calling him out and thanks for reading!