6 Months as a New Blogger

Posted on November 16, 2007 | by Denny Oh

So I started creating my blog in June of this year, but Ive only been really blogging since August or so. Today being November 13th, that means Ive been a blogger for about three months. My site, www.SanDiegOh.com, is now getting closer to where I want it to be, in terms of appearance and functionality, but it still needs work.

With 52 posts, Im hardly near the 100 mark I aim to be at by the end of this year (especially since some of these blogs are just Featured Listings and others are from my lender). Still, Im relatively happy with my progress. Six months ago, I had no clue how large the real estate blog world was, nor did I know that Geek Estate even existed!

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  1. Danny,

    I’m a newbie blogger and its good to hear from someone a few months ahead of me and the successes that you have had. Keep it up and keep posting.

  2. Denny Oh says:

    It’s been a lot of fun for me…lots of work, but fun. The key is consistency though. Keep in mind that you’re trying to establish “authority” and this is done by lots and lots of content and viewership(which kind of go hand in hand).


  3. Rick Marnon says:

    I am a newbie as well. I’ve been asking questions and doing everything I can to blog correctly. There is a lot of work that comes with blogging, but from my understanding there is great benefits from it. I hope that soon enough I will have a popular blog that is directing potential clients to my main site.

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