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Posted on August 10, 2007 | by Denny Oh

Downtown San Diegos North Embarcadero Visionary Project (NEVP) is a $228 million dollar project that will completely revamp our waterfront. Monitored by the Joint Power Authority (JPA), the Port of San Diego and the Centre City Development Corporation are teaming up to facilitate this ambitious project. For those of you who are not familiar with the NEVP, here is a quick overview


The North Embarcadero Visionary Plan (NEVP) comprises a set of public infrastructure improvements for the area bordered by Market Street on the south, Laurel Street to the north, the railroad right of way to the east and the San Diego Bulkhead line (the bay ward edge of land) to the west, in downtown San Diego. The NEVP will shape the future of San Diego by joining downtown and the bay. The plan will benefit the entire region, enhancing the bays appeal as a hub of activity. Highlights of the plan include:

  • A grand entrance along Broadway, from the Santa Fe Depot west to the water.
  • A 1.2-mile esplanade that will stretch along the waterfront with trails for walking and jogging.
  • A pier at Grape Street and North Harbor Drive.
  • The revitalization of the Broadway Pier.
  • A wharf for civic events.
  • The addition of 1,770 trees.
  • An outdoor dining terrace, new retail businesses and lighting along the wharf and piers.

There are several components to this plan, but the main components are Lane Field, the Irvine Company, the BOSA Development and the Navy Broadway Complex. Each of these components will bring new development to the Embarcadero and theres also a lot of controversy, as to what should go up, how it should look and how it will impact its surroundings.


Lane Field is the parcel of land between Pacific Hwy and Harbor Drive, bounded by Broadway and what will be the B Street extension. This parcel of land will primarily consist of two 20“something story hotels, with several other layers of use, including

  • ground floor retail space
  • ballrooms, meeting and pre-function spaces
  • restaurants
  • music and dancing areas
  • spa, yoga and pool areas

Keeping the theme of the NEVP, public space and multipurpose land usage, there will be plenty of space to walk about and admire proposed the palm trees, park space and of course, the bay. The hotels will also have rooftop gardens and plaza areas for visitors to enjoy San Diegos weather and incredible views. This project is scheduled to break ground in the Spring of 2008.


Purchased from BOSA Development, the Irvine Company will be building a 34 story commercial building at 700 West Broadway. This lot is situated directly south of the Grande South tower and will mirror 700Broadway_ExtView_Webthe Grandes exterior scenery, continuing the palm trees and paved sidewalks. This project will have a small retail space on the north side of the building and a restaurant on the south side.

  • 470 feet tall
  • 34 story stone and glass building
  • 6 levels of underground parking
  • 680,000 square feet office space
  • 5,200 square feet retail/office space

The Irvine Company will also introduce the C Street corridor, which will run from the railroad tracks, west to the waterfront.


BOSA Development has yet another project under works. While they have not confirmed any plans on what theyll be building, or what it will look like, we do know that itll be another great residential yeah

high rise. This time, the location will be the southeast corner of Broadway and Pacific Highway (aka Santa Fe Place Parcel 9). This will look at the Irvine Companies building to the north, BOSAs own Electra to the south and eventually, the Navy Broadway Complex to the west. BOSA has indicated that they will be applying for CCDC approval in the second half of 2008.


The Manchester Pacific Gateway is a seven building project that will replace the now-existing Navy Broadway complex. There will be 4 high rise buildings, that will taper down in height from the north to the south and there will be three mid-low rise buildings as well. The Navy will occupy most of one of the towers and this project will also be mixed use, including a 4.5 and a 5 star hotel. The towers will be separated by wide view corridors and the renderings show quite a bit of open space, including parks and water features.

My Thoughts

I think that the NEVP is a great project. It will create an attractive and inviting waterfront that will bring tourists and residents to enjoy San Diegos perfect location. As long as the developers stick to their word and follow through on the park spaces, restaurants, etc. and focus on the functionality of each project, I think that the NEVP will be a great addition to Downtowns growing community.

**NEVP Overview provided by the Port Authority of San Diego

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