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Posted on July 26, 2007 | by Denny Oh

Hr1000535770-12Whats so grand about The Grande? For starters, these twin towers were built by BOSA Development and anyone who knows anything about Downtown condos, knows that BOSA is one of, if not the best developers we have. BOSA is based in Vancouver Canada, but is Downtown San Diegos largest residential developer.

To date, BOSAs built four different Downtown communities (keep in mind Im only referring to San Diego in this blog), which totals to six individual towers (most other developers have done one or two towers at most). In addition to these, BOSA has three other towers that are currently under construction “ Electra, The Legend and now Bayside.and several more lots that will eventually be built on.

The Grande at Santa Fe Place has a South tower that was completed in 2004 and a younger North tower that was completed in 2005. The two towers are practically identical and each consists of 221 units and 39 floors. These twin towers have independently run HOAs(home owner associations), but both are managed by the Prescott company. Floor plans range from an 899 square foot 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo, to a 1944 square foot 2 bedroom + den, 2.5 bathroom condo. There are also 2 bedroom floor plans from 1325“1336 square feet and another set of 2 bedroom + den floor plans, that are either 1625, or 1684 square feet. The Grande towers also have a few other penthouse floor plans, as well as townhouses that surround the footprint of the buildings and common areas. Each floor has six condos (from floors 2“34) and then the penthouse floors (level 35“39) only have three, allowing for larger units and panoramic views.

Here are a few quick things that make me want to live at The Grande:

  • Incredible views
  • Great location
  • The Community
  • Quality construction and design

The Views..

For starters, this is the closest you can get to the water in Downtown San Diego. The Grande is as close to the bay as the city will allow. Obviously, this makes for incredible views “ not to mention the 39Hr1000535770-2 stories! When you think about living Downtown, you probably think about the views, location and space. And depending how much you want to spend, the Grande has them all. With floor to ceiling windows and balconies in every condo, residents can enjoy with views from the comfort of their home, or step outside and enjoy San Diegos perfect weather. I especially like the views from The Grande because you can get to see everything “ the water, the ships, the airport and the city.

Yes, some of the views at The Grande will be changing (which is why you want to work with a Downtown expert like me and find out exactly how theyll be changing and not someone from East County who knows nothing about Downtown), but most units will still get to keep some great views. And if unobstructed views are a must, then you can always buy at the top.

1199 or 1205 Pacific Highway.

Now some people think that The Grande is too far away from Downtown and that its not near anything. What they dont realize is that Downtown San Diego is tiny! At 2.2 square miles, you can walk from one end to the other in about 20 minutes. Plus, Little Italy is only 3 blocks away and the Gaslamp district is a 15 minute walk.

For second home owners, The Grande is the ideal place to be. Being 5 minutes from the airport, 50 feet from the train station and 50 yards from the cruise ship terminal, you really cant go wrong. You can catch the coaster from up North and get dropped off at your doorstep, enjoy San Diego and then hop on a cruise ship and go down to Mexico for a few days. And with the ease and comfort of high rise living, you dont have to worry about leaving your home unattended for extended periods. With a full time staff and security, you know you can lock your door, go back to Arizona until it gets too hot again and then come back to The Grande without worrying about the yard, or if your light timers been doing its job.

In addition to all of this, The Grande is close to freeway access, there are some great restaurants by you (Ruths Chris Steak House, Buon Appetito, Anthology) and in my opinion, the Columbia district is one of the most undervalued areas of Downtown San Diego today.

The Community.

As I started to mention, the Columbia district is an up and coming area. Similar to the much younger East Village, the Columbia district is just beginning its growth. With only a few residences, The Grande will soon have ritzy neighbors like Bayside, Sapphire Tower(if they can get around all their problems) and Electra. If this doesnt make you think the areas only getting better, take a look at CCDCs North Embarcadero Visionary Plan. With approximately $228 million dollars of development going into your immediate surroundings, how can it not get better? Think Downtowns just a bunch of high rise concrete and steel? Then youll love the 2.5 acre park coming in across the street and proposed amphitheater on the Broadway pier and the public art work thats part of the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan.

With all the new buildings, shops and other attractions, I think the Columbia district will soon be one of the most desirable areas of Downtown. And if you still think its too far from everything, keep in mind that thats what everyone said about the Marina district before it took off. Just give it some time.


Yeah I know I keep raving about BOSA, but thats because they deliver a great product (and no, I dont get anything by promoting them, or selling their condos). The reason why I think theyre better than some of the other developers is because they know what theyre doing. Theyve built high rises all over North America and theyre not just getting their feet wet in San Diego (like many of the other builders). Also, BOSA doesnt dish out the work to sub-contractors “ theyre general contractors are BOSA employees. When they have a problem, they fix it “ it doesnt take weeks to run around the red tape and figure out whos to blame.

Aside from that, The Grande has some great features. For one, I think the lobbies are very classy and elegant. File_368857Not that this matters, but in my opinion, its the little things that count “ like the solid wood doors that guard each condo. All of the units also have a ton of storage (for Downtown) and the building also has storage lockers in the parking area.

What else is there..well, each building has its own, heated 80 foot lap pool, jacuzzi, barbecues, steam room, dry sauna, gym and his and her locker rooms. The concierge is also an added plus, with features like valet dry cleaning, reservation assistance and pretty much anything else you might need help with.

And one of my favorite things about the building, in terms of construction, is that it has triple pane windows. Being Downtown, you have to deal with noise “ whether its trains, people, cars, or whatever, it can be loud. And while Im sure BOSA could have gotten away with dual pane windows, they went a step further and paid for the added luxury for their buyers (to date, only The Grande and Parkloft have triple pane windows Downtown).

Sonow what? Now you contact me and we can set up a time to go and check out some of these units. Didnt like what I had to say about The Grande? Let me know what you are looking for and Ill show you what does work for you.

*Click here to search all the condos currently available at The Grande.

Click here to see the Grande North being built.

Click here for a map.

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