New Hard Rock Listings

Posted on December 17, 2012 | by Denny Oh

I have two new listings at the Hard Rock Hotel.  The first is a 10th floor king 1 bedroom that faces north.  This unit is considerably larger and has a great living room…

How Many More Short Sales Can There Be?

Posted on October 31, 2012 | by Denny Oh

Comparing the first three quarters of 2011 to 2012, we can clearly see that San Diego’s real estate market is making a strong recovery.  The average condo price has risen 6.27% and while the…

58% Less REOs and 26% Less Short Sales

Posted on October 17, 2012 | by Denny Oh

People are always talking about how many foreclosures there are and how many short sales there are in San Diego.  The problem with that though, is that most people don’t know what…

The Grande Short Sale

Posted on October 9, 2012 | by Denny Oh

A new listing just come up at The Grande South and it’s the large, 1,944 sqft E plan.  This in my opinion, is one of the best layouts of all condos downtown….

Short Sales and Good Credit..?

Posted on September 26, 2012 | by Denny Oh

Did you know that you can now complete a short sale without having it affect your credit score?!  In the past, banks wouldn’t even talk to you about doing a short sale…

Get $45,000 to do a Chase Short Sale

Posted on September 20, 2012 | by Denny Oh

*I am not an attorney nor a CPA and you should consult with both to make sure that what you decide to do is the best option for your situation.   In…

What is a Strategic Default?

Posted on July 10, 2012 | by Denny Oh

According to Wikipedia,  “a strategic default is the decision by a borrower to stop making payments (i.e., to default) on a debt despite having the financial ability to make the payments.”  That’s…