The Harbor Club Condos – Downtown San Diego

Posted on April 12, 2010 | by Denny Oh

Harbor clubThe Harbor Club condos in downtown San Diego are some of the most unique condos in all of the 92101 area.  Consisting of the western, 100 Harbor Drive and eastern, 200 Harbor Drive towers, the Harbor Club condominiums are two of the most iconic buildings in downtown San Diegos Marina District “ possibly even throughout all of downtown San Diego.  These tall, skinny, black and brown condo highrises are located between Second and Third Avenues, just south of J Street in the heart of downtown San Diego.

HarborClub1BedroomBuilt in 1992, the Harbor Club towers are each 41 stories high and offer some of the best city and bay views that downtown San Diego has to offer.  The Harbor Club is unique in a variety of ways.  For starters, each high rise has at most, only three condos per floor.  On a typical floor, either Harbor Club tower consists of A) a 1,036 sqft one bedroom, one bath condo, B) a 1,572 sqft two bedroom, two bath condo and C) a 1,474 sqft two bedroom, two bath bubble unit. The Harbor Club bubble units are on the southern most side of the building and has a circular wall of glass that overlooks the San Diego bay.


One some floors, there are only two condos per floor.  Some people have combined the one bedroom and the bubble unit, creating a 2,510 sqft condo which offers three full bathrooms and some incredible views.  These floors would also have the larger 1,572 sqft two bedroom, two bath condo that face towards the outside of the towers(east in the 200 Harbor Drive tower and west on the 100 Harbor Drive tower).  On higher floors, the Harbor Club has two equally sized condos, which either take the east or west side of the building.  These half-floor condos are 2,085 sqft feet and have two bedrooms and two and one half bathrooms.  Additionally, the harbor Club offers whole floor condos if you need even more space.

HarborClubBubbleUnitWhat I like about the Harbor Club, is its classic feel.  Now this might not make much sense to you now, but once you enter the building and walk through it, youll know what I mean.  As you approach the building, youll be greeted by some of the friendliest concierges and staff youll come across, who will open the front door for you.  The Harbor Club condos by the way, are the only self-managed condos downtown, that Im aware of.  Once inside, youll see a quaint lobby that leads to the two elevators that service the tower.  The Harbor Club amenities are all located on the 6th floor.  The two highrises share a swimming pool, hot tub, community room, out door BBQ areas, fitness center and a sauna.

The draw back to this building however, would have to be the windows.  The Harbor Club condos were built in 1992 and only have single pane windows.  This means two things “ it get hotter/colder than a newer building with dual, or triple, pane windows and external noise is more noticeable.  Additionally, the windows in these downtown San Diego condos do not do much.  Theyre only small windows/vents and they do not provide much ventilation.  With that said, I still love this building and wouldnt mind calling it home.


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